From the Olive Trees of the Angels

The production of extra virgin olive oil is always part of the production of Tenuta degli Angeli. The company is associated with AIPOL and the DOP Laghi Lombardi. There are one hundred and fifty olive trees in production for over thirty years in addition to some centuries-old ones already existing on the hill. The olive harvest is carried out by hand picking and they are placed in special perforated boxes so that they can breathe. Washed and defoliated, they are cold ground and after malaxing they are pressed, always and only cold - and here is the Extra Virgin Oil ``Dagli Ulivi degli Angeli``, a healthy and natural oil, of superior quality because it is produced only from olives healthy. This authentic nectar cannot be subjected to mechanical filtering operations, which would remove precious particles for its quality, taste and aroma; so we let the nectar settle naturally in steel tanks for a few months. The varieties of olive trees planted are the Leccino, the Frantoio and the Pendolino; these three types create an extra virgin oil with a delicate hint of artichoke and a light almond aftertaste.

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