Our vinegar factory

It is the flagship of the company: the Acetaia Testa which Mr. Pierangelo began to install fascinated by the stories of a friend from Modena who was a producer of barrels for balsamic vinegar in the early seventies. Subsequently, with the birth of their children, other batteries were added to the first which, as tradition dictates, were intended for them as a dowry, until the current thirty systems were reached.
The Acetaia, which today has a considerable size, is located in the attic of an ancient medieval tower of notable architectural value which maintains the original structures and which guarantees the Acetaia the ventilation and climatic conditions necessary for the final product: the " Balm of Angels” is of the highest level.

Production Techniques

The Balm of Angels, a sweet and sour sauce with an exquisite flavor and delicious fragrance, is obtained from aromatic grape must cooked in an open jar over direct heat. The evolution of its fullness of aromas takes place in the quiet of the vinegar factory, located in the attic, an ideal place for the maturation of the balm, because it is ventilated and undergoes the large temperature changes in our areas.

The small mulberry, ruby, cherry, chestnut, oak and ash barrels, of decreasing capacity, grouped in series, called batteries, are the maturation and refinement tools. In fact, it is precisely in these barrels of precious woods that the balsam acetifies with extremely complex natural fermentative and oxidative processes. The production of this wonderful condiment is slow, gradual and well controlled.

The Balm of Angels It is a unique condiment suitable for the most demanding palates. With a few drops it can enrich the taste of boiled meats or fish, carpaccio, parmesan flakes, parmesan risotto, fresh and mature cheeses, sauces, strawberries and artisan cream ice cream. A teaspoon of aged Balsamo degli Angeli is an unusual and very original aperitif, but it is also, at the end of the meal, an excellent and pleasant digestive.

Balm of Angels

With the same philosophy maintained in winemaking, Tenuta degli Angeli produces the wonderful “Balm of Angels“, a dark brown, rich and shiny elixir; It manifests its density in a correct, flowing syrupiness.

It has a characteristic and complex, penetrating aroma, with evident but pleasant and harmonious acidity. It has a well-balanced sweet and sour flavour, it is generously full, savory, with velvety nuances, in accordance with its specific olfactory characteristics.

It is available in three types differentiated on the basis of their respective aging periods:

  • Balm of Angels Extra Old (Gold Seal)
  • Old Angel Balm (Red Seal)
  • Balm of Angels Young (Green Seal)

Discover the Balm of Angels

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